YouTube advertising

Typical "True-View" Video ads appear at the very beginning of a whichever fascinating, entertaining, or educational YouTube video, that a viewer chooses - or discovers when searching for something to watch. Three of the advantages of YouTube advertising are: Attention, Cost and Targeting.

Cost and attention benefits are related:

  • "True-View" video ads are skippable after 5 seconds. So if a viewer is truly not interested in your offer, they'll skip your ad and you don't pay, but not before you've caught their attention.

  • Get attention early. Good ads get their main message across in those first few precious seconds, so make it memorable. Viewers may see your ad again & again. Sometimes, it takes seven "touches" before a viewer clicks on your CTA (Call-to-Action).

  • If users do watch past the skippable 5 seconds, you won't pay unless a viewer watches 30 seconds or more of your ad (or all of it if it was shorter), or clicked on your CTA. So your target audience could see that "memorable beginning" many, many times before they make the choice to click or watch past the "point of no return."

When viewers do click or watch long enough, the average cost is about 20 cents per view or per-click on your CTA.  Depending on the particular niche in which you advertise, the range is about .10 - .30 cents/view. Yeah, that's cents! Make sense?

YouTube offers great targeting options for choosing where your ads appear:

  • Affinity groups

  • Topics and interests

  • Demographics, like age, gender, & location

  • Keyword, or contextual targeting - words or phrases that match your offer

  • Managed placements: specific YouTube videos or YouTube channels that your audience is likely to visit

  • Customer Match: Upload your customer email list and let Google target your ads to those on your list as well as other audiences similar to them.

  • Remarketing: we retarget viewers based on their past actions on a website or YouTube videos — things like visiting, liking, commenting on, watching, or sharing videos.

During your ad run, we'll use a combination of AdWords and YouTube analytics to make sure we're getting you the most new customers and giving you great ROI.