The Way of the Tortoise

Advertising As Courtship Self-Referral™ Systems Video

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Advertising As Courtship video ads help you court new clients the determined, steady, Self-Referral tortoise way. Ordinary “hare-like” ads (see our Blog) shout “Buy Now” and, frankly, annoy people. They’re like asking potential clients to marry you, i.e., buy your service, on the first date or pestering them with proposals. But you’re not selling widgets, after all. And your goal is lasting relationships, not one-night stands.

We know that people:

  1. Avoid obvious ads, but…

  2. Do respond to short videos that don’t look like ads, and…

  3. Buy from or use the services of, people they know, like, and trust

The Challenge: How do you move from online stranger to trusted provider, reduce dependency upon referrals, and get new clients or customers by building relationships?

Our answer is Self-Referral™ Video Advertising on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. We sequence your one minute videos to introduce you as a trustworthy, compassionate, caring provider able to solve problems, remove pain or fulfill desires.

Sequencing is key. As in healthy relationships, Advertising as Courtship (AAC) videos move viewers from:

  • Hello – Awareness, to

  • Dating – Consideration, and finally, to

  • Marriage – Conversion, in ad-speak, when people buy your service or sign up to meet you.

We’ll help you record the videos with little more than your smartphone and manage all the “tech” stuff for you. Then we’ll show your specially sequenced videos to the people you want to serve on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google.

You’ll be delighted to see how many people in your target audience reach out to you!

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