Meet the “Funnel.”

Advertising As Courtship (AAC) creates a modern video advertising funnel through which your prospect audience gets to Know, Like, and Trust you enough to contact you or buy your service.

The Advertising As Courtship Funnel

Start with WHY, Engage with HOW, Convert with WHAT

At the top of your advertising funnel, (right) is a “cold” Core Targeting Audience that isn't using your service. Our goal is to "funnel" that “cold” audience into one that knows you, becomes “warm” enough to like you, then, “hot” enough to trust you. By now, some are willing to meet or consider your service. Once they do, it'll be up to you to "make the sale" so they use your service.

For example, at the top of your funnel:

  • Family therapists would show their WHYs to parents of young/teenage children

  • Opticians could target people who show interest in eyewear (there are plenty!)

  • Medicare Insurance agents would target people approaching or over age 65 (targeting by birth month – powerful)!

In successive videos, we show your audience video ads that show:

  • WHY you do what you do and the reason(s) you care: Getting to know you.

    • This is the Awareness stage.

    • You are saying "hello" and your audience is getting to KNOW you.

  • HOW you do it. Consideration (sometimes called “engagement”) ads resemble dating.

    • You demonstrate your competence and authority with tips, tools, lists, techniques, interviews, pdf downloads, etc.

    • By now, your audience is engaging with you and starting to LIKE you.

  • WHAT you do. At the Conversion stage, the focus is on your Call-to-Action (CTA) to meet you or to buy your service.

    • Your conversion audience already KNOWS and LIKES you.

    • Conversion ads should continue to build TRUST so your audience Converts (marriage). They respond positively to your professional Call-to-Action (CTA). They click through to your Web site or landing page to:

      • schedule a free session, a “meet & greet,” a free evaluation, a discount, a sale, a free service, or any offer your audience values that will lead to your “making the sale,” or becoming a new client.

While we avoid asking for contact info or commitment right away, your audience can always contact you at any stage of the funnel.

Start meeting your Core Audience with Why, with Caring…

Combo Core Targeting Audience T Caps 623x900.png

Targeting Core audiences

We find an audience for your WHY videos in the Awareness Stage

Targeting: finding Your Core audience

On Facebook

Your Core Audience consists of the sort of people you want to serve. Choosing the right audience for your WHY videos depends on your service and your offer. We use location, demographics, interests, and behaviors to target your ideal audience. Our Blog contains a “Sample Core Audience.” What you see below only scratches the Facebook surface. While your potential geographic audience may number in the 100’s of thousands, the number of people who see it will depend on your budget.

For most professionals, Geo-targeting is local: by city, county, zip code, or DMA. If you offer services more widely, for example, for “coaches,” we can target regionally, even nationally. The goals of ad campaigns vary, so ad content and targeting differ. Below are some of the “signals” we tailor to your campaign.

Besides demographic and personal signals, we can target by Facebook connection: whether or not people engage with your Facebook Page or Facebook Events. You can also include or exclude friends and connections of people who have engaged with your content. Targeting on YouTube is similar. See our YouTube page in PPC Services.

Demographic Signals:

  • Age,

  • Gender

  • Income

  • Language

  • Occupation

  • Own or rent a home

  • Parents x age of children

  • Education level/area of study

  • Political interests, and many others

  • How close they are to your business

  • Birthdate - great for Medicare Insurance

Detailed Facebook Audience Example

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Personal Signals:

  • Interests

  • Behaviors

  • Groups people are in, follow or like

  • Facebook Pages they “like” or follow

  • Multi-cultural affinity: diverse interests based around cultural beliefs, traditions, music, aesthetics, or languages, but not race. Behavior, not demographics

  • Custom Audiences, e.g.,10-second viewers of WHY and HOW videos, customer email lists, Facebook engagement, website activity.

  • Look-alike” audiences are the most powerful audience of all: people whose Facebook profiles “look like” current customers/contacts.Look-alike” audiences. Sources can be custom audiences, Facebook activity, or Web site interaction.

The key to sequencing people through your your WHY - HOW - WHAT video funnel is…


No matter whom we include as Core Audience targets in the Awareness phase, not everyone in that group will be interested. Even if they are, they may not be “in-market” for your services at that time.

Retargeting finds people that do want to connect with you.

Re-Engage with re-targeting

AAC Funnel Targeting.png

We funnel your prospective customers from WHY to WHAT. First, we show your WHY videos to your Core Audience, the people you want to serve. Your video won't interest everyone, at least not the first time. Others may not be "in-market" for your services the first time they see it. Some may never see it. As with your Core Audience, the number of people who see your retargeting videos depends at each stage on your budget.

We want to find the segment of your Core Audience interested in your services. So we systematically qualify (narrow) your Core Audience. In each succeeding phase of your funnel, we retarget people who saw at least 10 seconds of a video in the phase that preceded it. Note: Facebook is changing some metrics as we write and we may soon be able to retarget 15-second views.

Here’s how the Retargeting process works:

  1. In the Awareness stage, we introduce you to your preferred audience with your WHY videos.

  2. In the Consideration stage, we retarget people who watched 10 seconds of your WHY videos.

  3. In the Conversion stage, we retarget again: we show your WHAT videos to 10-second viewers of your HOW videos.

By the time people see your WHAT videos, they are “warmed up.” They know you from your WHY videos in the Awareness stage. They engaged with you after seeing a HOW video; perhaps they gave you their email address for a pdf or some other valuable information. They may even have "engaged" with you by asking to meet at this stage. Our goal is for the rest of your WHAT audience to trust you enough to respond to your offer, your CTA, when you “pop the question.” Online, that is most likely an invitation to meet or schedule a visit to your office (or store).

When people request contact, you respond; some prospects may even call you. The rest is up to you!