Pay-Per-Click Services

Advertising As Courtship specializes in Facebook and YouTube video ads to court new clients/customers.


A few of the advantages of using Facebook or YouTube:

  • Low cost and ease of retargeting.

  • Ease of testing ads to see which work.

  • Targeting: each platform allows us to target people by their behaviors and interests, not just keywords.

Sometimes, we use complimentary Pay-Per-Click (PPC) services to increase your reach (number of people) /return-on-investment (ROI). Each of the sections below is intended as an overview of the service. We’ll work with you to determine which to integrate in your AAC campaigns.


Our Catalytic PPC "Labs"

Our focus is growing your brand and helping you find new clients or customers who welcome your introduction in WHY and HOW videos and who then respond to your CTA in WHAT videos. They either reach out to you or complete “lead” forms asking you to contact them.

In some cases, we may also help you sell products, event tickets, request non-profit donations or drive membership.

These are our current services – "Labs" – the platforms on which we work our "catalytic" advertising magic to connect your business to the right people. We'll work with you to choose just the right combination of platforms to complement Advertising As Courtship on Facebook/YouTube. LinkedIn coming soon. Click each icon to learn more.

Who does the searching?

  • On Google Search, potential customers search for services and may choose to contact you IF they find you among the many who list there.

  • On Facebook, and the Google Display Network, advertisers search for, i.e., target the people they want to attract to their service or service.

  • YouTube is a hybrid:

    • YouTube videos appear in Google search results. if you have a YouTube channel, searchers may find your videos, either organically or because you create Google search ads to direct them there.

    • When you advertise on YouTube, you can target your video ads to appear at the beginning of others’ videos that relate to your service. See our YouTube page for details.

Facebook advertising

The Facebook advantage


Instead of waiting for people to find you in search engines,

you decide whom to target, the people to whom you want to introduce yourself!


Facebook advertising

Stop waiting for referrals! Or waiting for people to find your service in search engines or professional directories, where your ad/listing may or may not be seen.

Use Advertising As Courtship Self-Referral™ Systems to introduce yourself to your Core Audience, the people you want to serve. Make a good first impression with your WHY videos, then retarget with further WHY videos, then HOW and WHAT videos based on 10 second views.

Although we specialize in local – your city/region – advertising, we can put the right offer in front of the right audience anywhere within reach of Facebook’s 1.7 Billion users, 214 million in the US alone, numbers that are growing every day.

We use tracking Pixels (code) to

  • Retarget - remarket - in order to show your ad repeatedly, within limits, to potential customers, and

  • Track and optimize your campaign using Facebook’s own analytics or in conjunction with Google Analytics.

Remember, it's your responsibility to contact your the "leads" we generate for you and to do as soon as possible: A study by Harvard Business Review showed that customers who were contacted within one hour of submitting their query were:

  • Nearly 7x more likely to be qualified, compared to a lead that was contacted an hour later.

  • More than 60x more likely than companies that waited 24 hours or longer to contact the customer.

Instagram is owned by and managed by Facebook. Often we run concurrent ads on both platforms although there are some Instagram differences to consider: the younger audiences on Instagram and the requirement for shorter videos.

Instagram advertising

The “Less is More” Platform



Many people use Facebook and Instagram together, sharing photos or videos instantly for friends and family to see. Facebook owns Instagram and we manage Instagram ads inside the Facebook Ads Manager. We use the same precise targeting we describe on our targeting page, but there are important differences to consider: 

  • Facebook is a platform for commenting on and sharing conversations between friends, often starting with a personal picture or video or one from a news article.

  • On Instagram, the image IS the topic. Searchable Hashtags (#hashtag) in ads and posts help users easily find other posts on that topic - maybe even yours!.

  • On either platform, people even “like” or share ads, meaning more people get to see them.

Instagram ads, always visual, appear in users' feeds and "stories" as users scroll through their account or search for posts created by the people, friends, brands, organizations, or the searchable #hashtags they follow. Important: On Instagram, you don't have to be friends to follow someone. You can simply follow #hashtags.

Do we use the same ads on Instagram and Facebook? Well, not exactly. 

  • While Facebook allows long video ads, up to 2 hrs in length, on Instagram, everything is shorter. Videos in Instagram ads can only be 60 secs. long. Even video user posts are short, limited to just 15 secs.

  • The Instagram demographic is usually younger: they prefer Instagram's ease of navigation and less "cluttered" interface.

  • Although younger audiences are highly engaged, they often have less disposable income for purchases.

If your WHY, HOW, and WHAT videos are 60 seconds or less, we’ll automatically show them on Instagram and let the Facebook algorithm do it’s work.

Imagine your video introduction, you WHY video, appearing in user’s Instagram feed. Video ads make you “come alive,” connecting you to your audience, and building trust. Wouldn’t you rather consider a provider you see and hear in a video compared to one you’d only read about and seen in a “head-shot?”


All Video…All the time!

We can target your ads to appear at the beginning of any relevant video on YouTube.

Who doesn't watch YouTube? Movies, "how-to's," education,  test-prep, and on and on.…Viewing habits have changed so much recently. TV watch time is declining while online video is growing on every device, especially mobile. YouTube leads the way, even offering YouTube TV with 60 channels!

In 2015, viewers aged 18-49 spent 74% more time watching video on YouTube than they did on cable TV! In fact, Google estimates that by 2025, half of U.S. viewers under 32 won't even subscribe to a pay TV service. I confess: I gave up satellite and made the switch to YouTube TV in 2018, but you can’t target there…yet!

People come to YouTube to share, to learn, or just to enjoy. They choose from, or discover, a vast array of over six billion videos on almost every conceivable topic. And they watch over 3.25 billion hours every month. Overwhelmed by these numbers? Don't be. And here's another number to remember while you read further: "20."

YouTube film strip.png

YouTube advertising

Typical "True-View" Video ads appear at the very beginning of a whichever fascinating, entertaining, or educational YouTube video, that a viewer chooses - or discovers when searching for something to watch. Three of the advantages of YouTube advertising are: Attention, Cost and Targeting.

Cost and attention benefits are related:

  • "True-View" video ads are skippable after 5 seconds. So if a viewer is truly not interested in your offer, they'll skip your ad and you don't pay, but not before you've caught their attention.

  • Get attention early. Good ads get their main message across in those first few precious seconds, so make it memorable. Viewers may see your ad again & again. Sometimes, it takes seven "touches" before a viewer clicks on your CTA (Call-to-Action).

  • If users do watch past the skippable 5 seconds, you won't pay unless a viewer watches 30 seconds or more of your ad (or all of it if it was shorter), or clicked on your CTA. So your target audience could see that "memorable beginning" many, many times before they make the choice to click or watch past the "point of no return."

When viewers do click or watch long enough, the average cost is about 20 cents per view or per-click on your CTA.  Depending on the particular niche in which you advertise, the range is about .10 - .30 cents/view. Yeah, that's cents! Make sense?

YouTube offers great targeting options for choosing where your ads appear:

  • Affinity groups

  • Topics and interests

  • Demographics, like age, gender, & location

  • Keyword, or contextual targeting - words or phrases that match your offer

  • Managed placements: specific YouTube videos or YouTube channels that your audience is likely to visit

  • Customer Match: Upload your customer email list and let Google target your ads to those on your list as well as other audiences similar to them.

  • Remarketing: we retarget viewers based on their past actions on a website or YouTube videos — things like visiting, liking, commenting on, watching, or sharing videos.

During your ad run, we'll use a combination of AdWords and YouTube analytics to make sure we're getting you the most new customers and giving you great ROI.


The Mother of all Search Services

Connect to potential clients/customers with Search, Display, or YouTube advertising

How We Connect to Customers with Google

Google Search magnifier.png

Google Search Network

PPC search text ads generally appear before organic results, providing the most relevant answer to a searcher's question.

Search Ads:

  • Appear at the top of the Google search, Google Shopping, Maps and Google Play pages, and at search sites that partner with Google

  • Direct searchers to a specific custom landing page,

  • Offer a specific Call to Action (CTA), e.g., to "Buy...," "Do...," "Get...," "Learn More...," "Download...," etc.

  • Allow precise keyword targeting,

  • Target location, even to zip code,

  • Target language, device, and other demographics.

  • Allow "extensions" that we design to provide more specific information about your offer or website.

Remember, even if people see your ad, you don't pay for it unless someone clicks! You may get tons of free exposure. If your website appears organically on the first results page, your paid PPC ad is likely to be seen first, which reinforces your message, and says that you "mean business."

Then again, what if your organic listing doesn’t appear until the second, or later, page of search results? And what if your bid isn’t high enough for your paid ad to appear on the first or second page of search results?

Then, your ad gets lost amidst all the others.

One more reason to rely upon Facebook, to target the customers you most want to reach.

display network.png

Google Display Network

Display ads on the Google Display Network (GDN) are like billboards on the internet "highway" or commercials on TV. The people whom we target see them as they browse and read content, e.g., blogs or articles on websites/placements that we select. 

We'll use the beautiful and compelling graphical elements you've already created for your website, or design/edit powerfully compelling image and video ads to:

  • Capture browsers' attention,

  • Direct them to your offer on a custom landing page or the most relevant page on your website.

Besides targeting language and location on the GDN, we can target by:

  • Keyword

  • Content

  • Topics

  • Interests

  • Devices

  • Behaviors

  • Demographics, AND

  • Relevant placements on the millions of pages in the GDN Network, or

  • Specific Websites that YOU choose.

  • Similar audiences - ones like those who have characteristics like those on your email list.

  • We can exclude particular placements or choose placements, web sites or apps

On the GDN, we can bid per click, PPC, or CPM, or cost per thousand (mille) impressions. Even if people don't click, GDN is great for branding or location-wide exposure of your offer.



YouTube is actually a part of the Google family of ad services. YOUTUBE Video ads are usually found at the beginning of, in the middle of or beside videos on YouTube.

We can also create YouTube channels just for you and create video ads. With enough channel views, you can even monetize your channel and accept Adsense ads so you get paid when people click ads on your channel. Because YouTube is so important, and cost-effective, we've created a separate YouTube page to tell you about it.


ALL of Google's services allow retargeting, or remarketing. Remarketing is an incredibly powerful tool we use to to "retarget" people who have previously visited your site or clicked your ad but did not "convert," i.e., follow through on your Call to Action when they last saw your ad.

Google Analytics

For Metrics and Assessment: we'll measure the performance of your ads using powerful Google Analytics to assess the performance of your conversions, return on investment, (ROI), or other Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a free Google tool that allows us to place and manage one container for ALL your tracking tags/pixels so we can learn what works.

We use Google Tag Manager to place your Facebook tracking pixel on your website, too.

PPC Benefits vs SEO

Turn PPC Clicks into Customers with

  • Cost Control

  • Precise Targeting

  • Retargeting and Funnels

PPC Benefits

Our goal is to introduce you to potential customers so they see you as an accessible, authentic, and trustworthy provider who can help them solve problems, reduce pain, or fulfill desires with your products or services. Search Engine Optimization improves your website's ranking in search engines, but that can take a long time and be expensive with no guarantee of results. The competition for first page ranking is fierce!

On the other hand, Pay-Per-Click, (PPC), ads let us show your ads to a precisely targeted audience on the right platform at the right time.

Cost Control:

SEO costs are ongoing and may never get you to the first page. With SEO you are competing against "aggregators," e.g.,, or better known brands.

With PPC:

  • You set targets and budget as little, or as much, as you like to reach your target audience to obtain desired ROI and CPA, Cost Per Acquisition.

  • You may not win every PPC auction for ad space, but with proper bid control...

  • you can assure a high page rank for your product or service on Google or Facebook.


SEO relies almost solely on keywords and tedious linking to other sites.

With PPC we can precisely target:

  • Keywords,

  • Location - even zip code,

  • Demographics,

  • Interests,

  • Behaviors

  • Similar audiences (Google),

  • Custom or Look-alike audiences (Facebook and Instagram),

  • Particular websites on the Google Display, Network and YouTube pages.

Retargeting & Funnels

With PPC ads, on Google or Facebook, we use Retargeting, aka Remarketing, to:

  • Show your ad repeatedly to people who have visited your ad, landing page, or website.

  • Think people don't like it? Wrong. People are 7x more likely to convert with retargeting. It is said that people frequently need 7 "touchpoints" before they respond to an offer.

  • With Retargeting, we can assure that users get them.

FUNNEL CONTROL: You can even show different ads to people who have already connected with you depending where they are in the buying cycle. SEO, frankly, is like spinning the wheel in a casino.