Sample Core Audience

The following audience is for an herbal product intended to treat neuropathy and other nerve pain. The initial campaign was being broadcast to approximately 140,00 people living in 4 counties in Northern California:
Norcal_4_50+ “Product Name”

  • Location: United States: Solano County California, Marin County California, Sonoma County California, Napa County California

  • Demographics: Age: 50 - 65+, men and women

  • People Who Match

    • Interests: Organic food, Naturopathy, Neuroscience, Ovo-lacto vegetarianism, Peripheral nervous system, Massage, Endocrinology, Primary care physician, Family medicine, Meditation, Mindfulness, Certified diabetes educator, Diabetes Health, Acupuncture, Healthy Habits, Quality of life, Primary care, American Diabetes Association, Neurology, Veggie burger, Sciatic nerve, Buddhist meditation, Wellness (alternative medicine), Nutritionist, Alternative medicine, Enlightenment (spiritual), Diabetes mellitus type 2 awareness, Men's Health (magazine), Women's Health (magazine), Natural product, Farm-to-table, Foot, Self care, Spinal cord, Vipassanā, Health & wellness, Local food, Physical fitness, Homeopathy, Neurology (journal), Yoga, Trader Joe's, Traditional Chinese medicine, Organic farming, Whole Foods Market, Nurse practitioner, Vegetarian cuisine, Transcendental Meditation, Extract, Vegan nutrition, Women's health, World Vegan Day, Sugar substitute, Registered nurse, Farmers' market, Healing, World Diabetes Day, Go Vegan, Aromatherapy, Diabetes mellitus awareness, Wellness Coach, health, Consciousness, Essential oil, Herbal, Lumbar vertebrae, Foodie, Neuropathy Association, Ayurveda, Health (magazine), Whole food, Personal development, Natural foods, Diabetes Daily, Self-healing, Organic product, Ayurveda Home Remedies, Nerve, Well-being, Medicinal plants or Drive to Stop Diabetes 300,

    • Behaviors:

      • Field of study: Healthy eating, Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine, Nutritionist-Dietitian or Fitness & Nutrition,

      • Job title: Licensed Acupuncturist, Nutritionist, General practitioner, Naturopathic Doctor, Doctor, , Chiropractor/Owner, Acupuncturist/Herbalist, Doctor (Dr), Herbalist, Registered Nurse (RN), Endocrinologist, Neurologist, Homeopathic Doctor, Medical Doctor MD/Medical Director, Clinical Nutritionist, Dermatologist, Medical Doctor (MD), Doctor of Chiropractic, Nutrition Consultant, Chiropractic Doctor (DC) or Naturopath