Advertising As Courtship

Self-Referral™ Advertising Systems for Professionals

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Professionals whose success depends upon referrals

Psychotherapists* – Life Coaches – Opticians – Insurance Agents – Attorneys – Realtors & Loan Consultants – Architects – Accountants – Financial Planners  – Dentists* – Chiropractors* – Physicians*…Musicians, too!

Are you as busy as you want to be?

Everyone knows that professionals thrive on referrals from others. But do you often feel that you’re at their mercy, waiting, hoping? And you just can’t stay as busy as you’d like to be?

Been there, done that? We have. It doesn’t have to be that way. Not anymore.

Or, perhaps you’re ready to grow, serve more people by yourself or with others. What if you could “self-refer” using innovative Self-Referral™ Ad Systems instead of waiting for others to refer to you?

Trouble is, consumers and prospective clients can't evaluate your professional service until they use it. But they’re not just choosing a service like yours. They’re choosing a trustworthy provider, YOU!

So imagine introducing yourself online to the people you most want to serve as an authentic, living, breathing, person, not just another “headshot.”

Why We Do Advertising As Courtship.

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Advertising As Courtship Self-Referral™ Video Ad Systems help you do just that in a series of friendly, natural videos on social media and YouTube.


We know that appearing in videos isn’t for everyone. But it may be just right for you and easier than you think! Only video conveys the necessary genuineness and intimacy to make an emotional connection online. We’ll make video fun and easy, and financially rewarding, too.

Authenticity is your magnet. Be yourself! Please…don’t try to please everyone. Those who resonate with your videos will reach out to you or ask you to contact them! Eventually, they become your customers, and later, become your advocates.


Here’s How to Court Your Next New Clients